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Oct 2018: Digital Marketing Round-Up

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By Jannelle Chemko

In the last 31 days, Google's announced the shutdown of a major platform, Facebook has released some important updates on their data breach, and Instagram and Snapchat both experience some big quarters -- but not both are good. Find out all the details, and more, in this month's digital marketing round-up!

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Google celebrates its 20th birthday: A look back on 2 decades

The official Google 20th birthday doodle page has a number of other interesting tidbits worth exploring, including a link to a fun 20 years with Google tool that randomly cycles through the most popular search terms for a couple of dozen categories over the years.

Google launches new design for hotel search results

Google is rolling out a new design for the hotel search results after you search for hotel listings and click into the hotel interface from web search.

The new design uses a grid and card interface that shows hotel cards sorted by your search filter. You can further filter down the search results on the map by zooming in and/or dragging the map around. You can also change your date range, price ranges, review ranges and more, as well as specify which amenities are required and more.

Google+ is shutting down: how will it impact SEOs?

As you probably heard by now, Google+ is shutting down. The reason is over lack of us and a data exposure through their API, which sounds similar to the Facebook issue. The big question in our community is how will it impact SEO and SEOs?

2018’s Google updates and what we believe comes next

2018 has been a year of significant change, both in the online and offline world.

While legislation such as the GDPR and Article 11 and 13 of the “Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market” kicked EU marketeers back into gear (in terms of data and copyright protection), Google confirmed three core algorithm updates on top of several smaller updates, warnings, tests and roll-outs.

New details have emerged on the Facebook data attack

Facebook released new information regarding a data attack that compromised the personal data of 30 million users.Here's the latest on the issue from Facebook, and how marketers should be prepared for what comes next.

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