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What is Transformative Technology and What Does it Mean for You? [Video]

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By Victoria Chemko

Over the last few years, there has been a definite trend in those who are working towards enhancing human potential and well-being as a result of the huge impacts that technology has exponentially had over our lives, both positive and negative.

So what is Transformative Technology? It’s defined as “tech that can facilitate mental health, emotional wellbeing, and enhanced human thriving.” Put another way, these "technologies" are science-based hardware and software that can produce reliable and positive changes in the human psychological experience.

With that in mind, what does that mean for you?

We Are All Still Human

Regardless of all the new technologies out there that have helped us advance as a society, this hasn’t changed us at our core - we are still human beings with vulnerabilities, hopes, fears, insecurities, and incredible potential.

Even though we’ve improved as a society and are now operating at a better place and with more advantages than any time in history, many people also suffer deeply, with lack of connection and community, depression, and other issues with mental health and well-being, regardless of their access and material success.

More and more people are realizing that success isn’t only about money (especially once they have it) but the freedom to do what you love, whenever you want - leading to more happiness and fulfillment.

We Can Enhance Our Own Internal Potential

Think about all the new technologies out there: Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), the Cloud, Connectivity, Blockchain, Virtual & Augmented Reality, and Robots and Drones.

While these can all play a role in improving our world (from operational efficiencies, environmental concerns, to other external widespread issues), we should also be using these technologies to enhance our own selves, which will in turn continue to lead us to flourishing even more as humans and improving overall global potential.

Examples of Transformative Technology

In 2017, the first Transformative Technology Market Map and Overview was created. Here are some examples of tech that meet the goal of enhancing well-being for humans.

  • Intelligent Assistance: Think about Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Home devices. They create greater ease and efficiency in your everyday life to allow for more time and space for other higher impact tasks.
  • Sensor Tech, such as wearables (ie. the Apple Watch or a FitBit, hearables, (self-tracking devices) and remote / environmental options.
  • Healthy Spaces Tech: This includes monitoring devices for clean air, water, lighting, design, and materials.
  • Sleep and Meditation: Meditation apps like Calm and Headspace, or sleep monitoring and improvement devices and apps are becoming more abundant.
  • App Tech: Gaming, Gamification, Apps, Social and Behaviour. Video games don’t have to be about racing cars or fighting opponents, but about empowering girls or improving life skills and connection such as Journey, and other titles from Thatgamecompany.
  • See more examples here.

Transformative Technology Market Map

Why Is This Important?

As a society, we have so much potential and are also at a time where we have the technology to help us reach it. Our time on this earth is short, and if we have the ability to improve our quality of life while on it, why not do so?

There are many people out there who have reached a level of typical societal expectations of success (in terms of monetary or material gains), and yet have realized that regardless, they are not at a level of happiness or well-being that they expected. There is more we need to consider than just one part of our lives for true “success.”

Does anything about Transformative Technology resonate with you? Would you like to increase your general health and well-being? I think a good starting point is to continue the conversation around what we can do to help improve ourselves as well as our external world. Keep in mind there are definitely non-tech ways to elevate the human experience (for me it’s getting out to nature in new places while exploring the world), but this is one perspective that I don’t think we should overlook.

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And I’ll leave you today with a few things to ponder: Think about when you are happiest. What do you need to hit those happy moments and that freedom? Stop spending time doing only what helps you get to your material successes & goals that don’t necessarily define your happiness.  While that is of course great and necessary, what do you want more of in your calendar now?


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