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Why Strategy is Important for Marketing Success [Video]

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By Victoria Chemko

 "A strategy is a course of action carried out to achieve a specific objective" -

Essentially, in regards to business, once you understand your company’s goals, you can then create your strategy to meet those goals.

With that in mind, here are key reasons why strategy is important for marketing success for your business.

1. Save Time & Money

Everyone is busy. But the worst thing to do is to not have an effective marketing strategy in place, which then leads to more craziness and wasted time and resources.

With a thoughtful and well-crafted strategy in place, your business will have the ability to know where to best allocate funds and energy of team members across the organization to achieve your objectives. A strategy will save time by identifying which tools, platforms, and best campaigns to focus on to result in the most market share. 

2. Gain Focus & Direction

Having a comprehensive marketing strategy will also allow a specific direction and focus so that everyone can be proactive instead of reactive, and move towards the same goals, company-wide. To be effective, it must ensure that the business’ messaging is consistently portrayed both internally to the company and externally to your target market. This will allow coordination of deliverables through an integrated plan across all team members or departments to eliminate inefficiencies and maximize profits. 

3. Differentiate Your Business from the Others

To gain better qualified leads who will potentially turn into customers, you will need to understand both your business’ key advantages and it’s drawbacks. You’ll need to take a really hard look at how you stand out from the crowd, and determine your key differentiator. Then, you can really fine tune your target market and ideal customer profile.

From there, you’ll be able to put together a strategy to have your audience understand your value proposition.

Differentiate Your Business from the Others | Umami Marketing

4. Allow Consistency Across the Team

Everyone within a company may have different priorities at any given time - think of the different priority and perspective that may come from a team member in product development, versus sales, versus customer success.

Having a coherent marketing strategy that is understood across the organization will allow for greater consistency, better decision making, and the ability of a business to plan and move forward together to reach its objectives.

5. Create a Plan & Execute Together

Understanding all of this is what allows for a plan to be created to execute step by step on how to achieve the marketing strategy. Regardless of all the moving parts in an organization, an effective marketing strategy helps to communicate a company’s products and services effectively in order to drive results to increase the bottom line. 


To summarize, Why is Strategy is Important for Marketing Success?

  1. Save Time & Money
  2. Gain Focus & Direction
  3. Differentiate Your Business from the Others
  4. Allow Consistency Across the Team
  5. Create a Plan and Execute Together

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