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Apr 2018: Digital Marketing Round-Up

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By Jannelle Chemko

Check out the headlines from this month's digital marketing you notice a trend? We'll give you a hint: Video. Video. Video. Almost every major update last month was video-related, so if you don't yet have a video marketing or advertising strategy in place, you should seriously start looking into it. Find out more in this month's digital marketing round-up.


YouTube Blog Post: Video is Everywhere

With cord-cutting on the rise, brands have been looking for new ways to connect with an important part of their audience that are harder than ever to reach. According to fresh Nielsen data, more than half of 18- to 49-year-olds in the U.S. are either light viewers of TV or do not subscribe to TV; but over 90 percent of these people watch YouTube.1 Today we’re introducing a new set of opportunities on YouTube to help brands reach these viewers across content and devices.

Instagram Providing Full Screen Support for All Ads in Instagram Stories

Starting Marc 29, creating native, immersive Instagram Stories ads just got simpler. When advertisers upload Instagram Feed creative within Ads Manager, it will be transformed into the full screen format of stories, allowing advertisers to run ads easily across Instagram.

Google AdWords Introduces New Video Format to Reach More People

Google AdWords has introduced a new video format which is said to extend the reach of video campaigns beyond YouTube.

The new format, called outstream video ads, is built exclusively for mobile and will be displayed in mobile browsers and apps.

LinkedIn Goes All-In on B2B Video

As a B2B marketer, capturing your audience’s attention has never been harder. While video is a proven and popular tactic to engage decision-makers, the challenge has been finding a quality environment in which to reach them. According to an internal LinkedIn study, over 46% of B2B advertisers surveyed said this was a top challenge when running video campaigns on other platforms.

On March 29th, LinkedIn announced two major updates that let you use sight, sound and motion to tell more compelling stories: video for Sponsored Content and Company Pages. These offerings build on the momentum of member video, which was launched in August.

Instagram Lets Users Upload Multiple Photos and Videos to Stories

Instagram has rolled out an update that will allow users to upload multiple photos and videos to their stories at the same time.

Once uploaded, viewers will still have to tap through to see each photo and video. The real benefit of this update is that it will save time when it comes to adding multiple pieces of media to a story.

Google Launches Reach Planner for YouTube & Video Ad Forecasting in AdWords

Google has launched Reach Planner, a new planning tool for video campaigns.

Currently in beta, Reach Planner in AdWords is designed to help media planners and advertisers forecast the reach and frequency of video campaigns on YouTube and the video partners on the Google Display Network.

Facebook to Show Pre-Roll Video Ads in More Places

Facebook will show pre-roll ads—commercials ahead of videos—in more places on the social network.

A few weeks ago, the company revealed the expansion of pre-roll ads, a format once banned by CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself, in a blog post about "best practices and updates on video and monetization."

Twitter Weighs Letting Publishers Sell Ads Before Their Videos

Twitter is exploring the possibility of allowing publishers to take the lead in selling preroll video ads that run at the start of their video clips on the platform, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The ad-sales offering is still being developed and details have yet to be completed, the person said. To date, Twitter has handled the sale of preroll video ads on its platform itself through its Twitter Amplify product.

Google Launches "More Results" Button, Drops Next Button & Ads Load Beneath Organic Results

Earlier in April, SEO Roundtable reported Google expanded the more results button test to more users, well, now it is officially live for all searchers. Google confirmed it went live last night on their Twitter account saying "we've launched a new "More results" button that makes it easier & faster to get more search results on mobile."


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